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ArtSpace Director Job Description
ArtSpace Charter School

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Position: Year-Round, Full-Time Director

Salary range: Negotiable

* Must have experience as educator

* 3-5 years management/administrative experience (Preference may be given to a person holding an Administrative Degree)

* Experience in supervision of personnel an licensure issues and staff evaluations

* Understanding of and experience with test procedures, scores, and state requirements

* Knowledge of and experience in site-based management/leadership

* Awareness of school law and advocate for charter schools



Responsible for: * the day to day operations of the school. * creating committees and delegating duties. * approval of field trips. * accurate and timely reports. * creation of school-wide discipline place in conjunction with staff. * keeping up-to-date on current trends and research in education. * overseeing preparation of school calendar with input from staff. * creation of daily/weekly schedules. * keeping up-to-date with safety procedures, issues and concerns. * transportation procedures, issues or concerns, including field trips.


Responsible for: * all media relations * home/school communications * formulating a schoolwide newsletter to parents on a regular basis * representing school and staff at all board meetings. Demonstrate excellent public relations and speaking skills. Demonstrate a measure of charisma. Maintain positive, clear and effective communication: with other charter schools, thier support systems, SDPI.