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Some Common Questions About Charter Schools | Some More Information About P.A.C.E. (Partnership for the Arts in Education) | Some Common Questions About an Arts-Based Curriculum
Some Common Questions About Charter Schools
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What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are state-sponsored public schools, created to serve as new types of educational institutions. They have the ability to meet curriculum needs, and the capacity to change future needs. They are based on the understanding that education is a shared responsibility of public schools, parents, community, and individual learners.

Charter Schools are NOT an indicator of fialure by the public schools. They ARE tangible evidence of the commitment by educational professionals and communities to innovation. As public schools, charter schools are legaly accountable for providing the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and for the Standards of Learning Testing. As learning laboratories, charter schools have wide latitude in how to accomplish those requirements.

Why a Charter School?

Charter schools offer the promise of achievement through uncommon means, flexible curriculum, and learning opportunities that may not be available in the regular public schools.

As educational entrepreneurs, charter schools have:

* Enhanced learning for students of all abilities.

* Injected competition into public education

* Proven numerous operational efficiencies

Charter schools traditionally offer many of the advantages of independent schools:

* Smaller class sizes

* Curriculum flexibility

* Strong mission focus

* High degree of parent involvement

* Fewer regulations