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Some Common Questions About Charter Schools | Some More Information About P.A.C.E. (Partnership for the Arts in Education) | Some Common Questions About an Arts-Based Curriculum
ArtSpace Charter School Information Site

Arts integration at ArtSpace Charter School: every subject, every day!

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Welcome to the ArtSpace Charter School Information Site. This site contains information and answers to many common questions about charter schools in general.

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The ArtSpace Charter School will:

* Provide an Arts-Based Approach to the North Carolina Standard Course for Study Through the Visual and Performing Arts

* Create a Family-Centered Educational Experience

* Develop Mutually-Beneficial Relationships with the Community Based on Service and Involvement

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Mission Statement

ArtSpace Charter School seeks to offer a complete education through an integrated curriculum centered around the visual and performing arts, utilizing an experiential approach. We believe in family-centered, cooperative approach to education that encourages parental involvement and community service in order to nurture responsible citizenship.


I am enough of an artist to draw upon my imagination. -Albert Einstein

Nurturing Creative Thinkers for Tomorrow's Challenges

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